Ruin Guard

“Torture will yield nothing from me, thug”
“I’m afraid you misunderstand my intent. I don’t interrogate prisoners. I speak with the dead.”
“What? I don’t..urk

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A ruinguard “interrogating” a “prisoner”, searching for connections to The Necromancer. This process has been described as “a gauntleted hand in the spirit’s arsehole”.

Following the Taming Of The Mandate and the rising popularity of dwellhunting, the ruinguard’s monster-hunting has shrunk back down to their original chartered purpose – to seek out and destroy the unliving.

Commissioned in the 11th AGE as an undead-hunting division of the Ivory Guard, they become the chief protective force of civilization during the 12th AGE. During that period of independence from Imperial control, they created their own leadership, with the Red Pope at the top. The current Red Pope, chosen by Laelris herself, is Mina Harker.

Made up mostly of low-level warriors, and elite fighters, antipaladins and warpriests (paladins, cavaliers, monks, and crusaders are typically more drawn to the Hand of David), the ruinguard live and train in Fort Ruin, south of The Ashes.

Ruin Guard

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