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The stone tablet containing the oaths that bound all Hundr and created the ordning at least a millenium ago. According to legend, it was passed down to the Hundr ancestors by Annam, the First Man

The Ordning is both the social structure and religion of all Hundr native to Hundrlund.
Based on social class and highly organized, the ordning assigns a social rank to each Hundr. By understanding its place in the ordning, a Hundr knows which other Hundr are inferior or superior to it, since (per the Oaths) “no two can be equal”.

At the highest level of organization, the individual ords are ranked according to status. Ord Sturm are the highest in the ordning, followed by Ord Skie, Ord Brunni, Ord Steinn, Ord Fiall, and Ord Haed. Occasional malformed or nibelung children are removed from their native ord and given to Ord Formor, where they are tested for rare abilities and given a second chance at life, although at the very bottom of the ordning. Outsiders, those without an ordning, are seen as less than even the Formor.

At the next level, each ord then relies upon a different combination of skills or qualities to determine the ordning within that ord. Many Hundr then make excelling in these qualities the purpose of their lives.

Regardless of a Hundr’s rank among its own ord, the chief of a Haed tribe is inferior to the most common member of Ord Steinn. The lowest ranked member of any ord is superior to the highest ranked member of an inferior ord. It isn’t considered evil to disrespect or even betray a member of a lower ord, merely rude. Disrespect of a higher ord is a terrible transgression, however, and is often met with violence – although in these more enlightened times, abuse of this privilege is beginning to be seen as a crime of equal magnitude.


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