Dragon Empire

An imperial holding consisting of The Mandate, Sommerlund, Clanhome, the Swamp Retreat, the Island Retreat, Steadfast, the Moot, the city-state of Sand Port, and (technically) Wørms. The Kentaurides are officially aligned with the Empire and are treated as a protectorate, but are theoretically independent.

The Desolation Of Dho, the Orcwander, the Spore-Ever, and the Desert Of The Third Sin are under no official control by any power, although the borders of the latter-most is patrolled heavily by Bills Boys.

Hundrlund remains a loose ally only.

Samarkand, the Isle of Jade Mysteries, and the Supremacy Of Hob have no official position in the diplomacy of the Empire, although relations are present at low levels.

The 40,000 Isles are nominally enemies of the Empire due to their constant raiding, but the Isle Of Free Will remains open to any traveler wishing to attend.

Dragon Empire

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