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Rebuttal, in axe setting.

This is a story that the Mountain Folk tell.

Ages past, in the First Days, when our Ancestors had yet to fear the Sun, our people dwelt underground out of necessity. In those days, Dragons filled the sky with their great numbers, and scorched both the air above and the ground below with their furious thrashings.

However, there came a time when the Wyrm King came to our gates, seeking counsel and parley. A great evil was building, he said, far to the South – but one worth heeding even so far away, as it would eventually engulf the world if left unchecked.

The High king, he told our Elders, was amassing his armies of demons and other wickedness. The Dragons fought him at every turn and despite their incredible might, the Wyrm King feared they would ultimately be unable to contain the enemy.

Their own Council had realized that even the creatures they thought beneath them, our people and the others that crawled the earth below, were their only allies against the rising evil in the South. And so the Dragons had brought our people a weapon, a tool with which we could fight this enemy. The Apparatus, they called it, and it was truly a magnificent weapon. It could become any weapon in the hand of any warrior, and had many functions besides, which pleased our artisans. We would need a weapon so great, argued the Wyrm King, were we to survive the coming troubles, and only the Dragons could provide it.

This last boast of the great wyrm fell leaden on the ears of our Ancestors. Even though the Dragons sought them out for alliance, they still thought our people little more than animals – press weapons into our eager paws and we should do their bidding?

Immediately our artisans lit the forges. The Wyrm King’s wings still washed the mountainside when the first hammers fell. The secrets of Brother Ore and Sister Stone were plumbed, all our great Patterns drawn upon. The Apparatus was sold to the people of the valleys – for in one moon’s time we had our own weapon – a Rebuttal against the wyrms’ boast. One with its own secrets, its own power. And power drawn not from the arrogance of Dragons, but the unbreakable will of our people

Weaver guide us, Forge strengthen us.


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