Hand of David

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After the debacle caused by the Church of David stemming out of The Quietus, the Church lost a great deal of popular support. When The Prophet made moves to create his own temple, the Church lost even more.

Leveticus, sensing his beloved Church beginning to disintegrate, was desperate to find a new purpose. Then the first hellhole opened up, and purpose was found.

Leveticus restructured the forces under his control and closed the hellhole. Five thousand heavily armed paladins, monks, and crusaders marched into Kale to close the door that had opened to the world before.

Leveticus and the four other survivors of that attack swore to never let such a force get so close to a full invasion of this world. They formed a council that turned the remaining resources of the Davidian church into a military organization – the Hand of David.

Technically the council rules the Hand, but in reality Leveticus’ voice is heard louder than any other. They have spent much of the Taming Of The Mandate hunting down and destroying hellholes before they got as large as the one in Kale.

The Hand’s method are brutal, efficient, and usually cruel. Given the risk the world before poses, the Emperor is currently giving them a wide range of authority.

Hand of David

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